Artificial Intelligence: Semantic Digital Twins

Winter Semester 2023/24 I ICD Seminar
Master Module 023887000, Computer Science Laboratory Course

D. Hernandez, D. Elshani, Prof. T. Wortmann, S. Staab

Artificial Intelligence: Semantic Digital Twins

Computer Science Laboratory Course
First Meeting: 15.11.2023, 9:045-13:00, U 32.122,
Universitätsstraße 32, Groundfloor

The design, construction, and operation of a building compromises multiple disciplines and processes that must be performed simultaneously during the lifecycle of a building. Giving digital objects semantics allows integrating knowledge across these different disciplines, and ensuring a correct alignment. In this course, you will develop tools that use Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web technologies to facilitate collaborative design. The techniques you will learn in this course, do not only apply to the building industry, but to every field requiring data integration and collaborative design. 

This course is designed for computer science master degree students as part of a lab course; however, it is open to all bachelor or master students who wish to learn and practice Semantic Digital Twins, Semantic Web technologies, and collaborative design in the building industry.

Students will form groups to develop components of an application for collaborative design in building industry. The course will have weekly sessions to work in group, present their progress, and integrate components with other groups. Groups will present their work in a final demo and poster session, and will submit a final four pages report.

If interested, please send an email to or, indicating your proficiency in programming languages, design tools, or other relevant topics related to Digital Twins.

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