Processing Workshop

19.11.2010 - 23.11.2010 | ICD/SAC Workshop
University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

ICD: S. Ahlquist
SAC: A. M. Savov

19, 22-23 November 2010, 09.30-17.30
Casino IT, Schulungsraum / Main Presentation Room
Tutor: Anton M. Savov

This 3-day workshop serves as an introduction to Processing ( - a programming environment oriented towards graphical design and 3d model generation. The workshop will cover basic skills for programming, as well as some of the unique features within Processing. Topics to be covered will include: programming structure in Processing, arrays, for-loops and if/else statements, object-oriented programming, and exporting from Processing to other programs such as Rhino. This workshop will be taught in ENGLISH.

The workshop is only open to student of Stuttgart University. There are only 35 spots available. Sign-up will be open starting Tuesday 9 November @ 10.00. Please register in person at the ICD with the secretary Ms. Frank.

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