Python Workshop

15.12.2010 - 17.12.2010 | ICD/MIT Workshop
University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

ICD: S. Reichert
MIT: S. Tibbits

15-17 Dezember 2010, 09.30-17.30
Casino IT, Schulungsraum / Main Presentation Room
Tutors: Skylar Tibbits, Steffen Reichert

With the introduction of Rhino on both Mac and PC platform, a new cross-platform scripting environment has been developed. It is based upon Python, which is an increasingly popular, easy to learn and very powerful scripting language, widely used in open-source communities. Hence, Rhinoceros 3D Version 5 offers a fully functional scripting environment using Python additionally to the existing environments like Rhinoscript. The 2,5 days workshop has covered basic programming skills as well as introducing unique features of Python (

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