4D-printed motion mechanisms inspired by Dioscorea bulbifera

June 22, 2021 / T. Cheng

Mécanique et Physique des Systèmes Complexes, ESPCI Paris, France

On June 22nd 2021, ICD research associate Tiffany Cheng will present her recent work on 4D-printed motion mechanisms inspired by Dioscorea bulbifera at the GDR MéPhy Workshop "From Computational Fabrication to Material Design", which brings together the mechanics, physics, and computer graphics communities.

The workshop is organized by:

  • Kostas Danas (LMS)
  • Florence Bertail-Descoubes (INRIA Elan)
  • Benoit Roman (PMMH)
  • Melina Skouras (INRIA Anima)

Related publication: Cheng, T., Thielen, M., Poppinga, S., Tahouni, Y., Wood, D., Steinberg, T., Menges, A., Speck, T.: 2021, Bio-Inspired Motion Mechanisms: Computational Design and Material Programming of Self-Adjusting 4D-Printed Wearable Systems. Advanced Science, 8(13). (doi: 10.1002/advs.202100411)

Please find more information about the workshop, including the program, here.

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