Academic Platforms of Computational Design

September 6, 2017 / ICD / ITKE

Galerie UM, Prague, Czech Republic

Academic Platforms of Computational Design
06.09.2017 - 07.10.2018, Galerie UM, Prague, Czech Republic

ICD Researcher Martin Alvarez and his former ITech fellow Erik Martinez exhibit their Master Thesis Project Tailored Structures at the Academic Platforms of Computational Design, UM Galeria in Prague.

The development of computing technologies and the digitization of architectural tools has radically influenced architectural practice and architectural research. Computational design allows for the creation of interchangeable geometric records, cooperation with other disciplines, and a direct connection to the manufacturing process. Concentrating the process from design to implementation into a shared digital platform offers the potential for stronger feedback, more efficient collaboration and therefore a better, more innovative and creative architectural solution. Academic platforms have become a place to share necessary professional knowledge and know-how, but also a unique environment for research and innovation. New design and production technologies require more space for experimentation, development, testing and prototyping. With greater possibilities in the field of computational design, new technologies are increasingly being used in conjunction with other scientific disciplines and technological research.

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