Adaptive Architecture: Reimagining Architectural Spaces as Cognitive Environments

May 10, 2021 /

School for Talents 2021, University of Stuttgart, Germany

On May 10th 2021, ICD research associate Mathias Maierhofer will give a lecture as an invited speaker for the participants of the newly founded 'School for Talents' program at the University of Stuttgart. Following this year's theme 'Reimagining Space – New Utopias', Mathias will discuss how adapitivity in architecture and engineering can serve as a vehicle to radically redefine the ways in which we conceive, design and inhabit our built environment. 

“Reimagining Space – New Utopias” invites School for Talents members to think about the future as a space full of potential, especially during uncertain times. We will look at important questions that underpin the ways in which we live together, and we will put the spaces through which we move at the center of our attention.

For more information: School for Talents, University of Stuttgart

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