IntCDC: Blue Sky Project Grant 2022

January 16, 2023 /
Institute for Computational Design and Construction (Prof. A. Menges)
Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (Prof. J. Knippers)

Cluster of Excellence IntCDC

The IntCDC "Blue Sky" Project Grant 2022 has been awarded to Gili Ron for her exceptional project " Planning for Uncertainty: Human Teach and Mahcine Learning for Human-Robot-Collaboration in Architectural Assembly” during this years' IntCDC Status Seminar.

Project abstract:

 The project investigates possibilities of agile responses to uncertainties in construction, developing novel Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) methods, evaluated with a demonstrator. A team of a skilled human and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) trained UR10 Collaborative Robot (CoBot) assemble a wooden structure of an architectural scale, while responding to real-life scenarios: error, rework and skill-shortage. To overcome the challenges of speedy and accurate assembly, deep reinforcement learning with novel reward functions (DL, RL) combined with physical feedback from the human agent are proposed. This small scale demonstrator for HRC aims for Co-Design, reduced fabrication errors and material waste and foster human-robot kinship.

The IntCDC “Blue Sky” Project Grant is part of a bundle of measures designed to promote early career researchers within the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC. The grant aims to honour and support early academic independence and dedication to academic work.

The IntCDC “Blue Sky” Project Grant is awarded annually in recognition of a research idea that stands out in terms of its originality, its quality and the readiness to assume risk. The grant is endowed with 10.000€ enabling the grant winner to test the feasibility of their research idea in preparation for a full postdoctoral project.

More information on Gili Ron and the IntCDC Grants & Awards.

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