Material Programming and 4D-Printing across Scales

November 20, 2023 /

TU Graz – IAM Media Lab / Graz, Austria

From November 20-24th, ICD Research Associate Tiffany Cheng will offer a workshop on “Material Programming and 4D-Printing across Scales” at the Institute of Architecture and Media (IAM) at Graz University of Technology.


Material Programming and 4D-Printing across Scales

Material programming denotes a method of design and fabrication in which functions such as movement can be encoded in the physical material, in place of electronics and digital control. This workshop introduces how to use 4D-printing to program bioinspired material systems that respond to their surroundings without consuming any power. The computational fabrication workflow for 4D-printing will be presented and used to create mesostructures – coded material programs capable of carrying out climate-actuated behaviors such as self-shaping, -stiffening, and -shading in response to environmental stimuli. Participants will investigate 4D-printing across scales through various additive manufacturing processes including robotic extrusion, while exploring a range of biobased materials such as clay, alginate, and natural fiber composites. The week-long workshop dedicated to integrating bioinspired design, biobased materials, and 4D-printing will culminate in a catalog of prototypes with new types of autonomous, shape-changing behaviors at scales both large and small.

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