Summary of the Semantic Digital Twins Lab: Knowledge Representation and Building Industry with Semantic Web Technologies

May 8, 2024 /

Innovation Design Consortium

Innovation Design Consortium Talks

On May 8, 2024, ICD/CA researcher Diellza Elshani will give a talk at the Innovation Design Consortium (IDC). The talk will provide a summary of the Semantic Digital Twins Lab  that Elshani co-taught last semester, and will further discuss Knowledge Representation and the Building Industry with Semantic Web Technologies.

The IDC is a platform where leading industry design professionals collectively develop key initiatives, tools, and products for our profession. More information on IDC can be found on their official website:

Special thanks to Greg Schleusner for extending the invitation to Elshani. Greg Schleusner is an Executive Committee Secretary at IDC and the Director of Design Technology at HOK, New York.

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