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A software framework to support research and teaching in the area of agent-based modeling.


ICD's 'ABxM' provides an open platform for experimentation with agent-based, aka individual-based, systems. Its main application lies in the modeling and simulation of dynamic systems that can be conceived of as consisting of locally interacting, discrete entities that have autonomy and goal-orientation thereby extending particle-based simulation methods. These models and simulations can be explorative (divergent) or goal-oriented (convergent) as, for example, when used for optimization.

The aim of the framework is to "standardize" research equipment, in this case the tools for modeling and simulation, in order to increase transparency of agent-based models, and repeatability of research results. The structure of the Framework is modular, with application-specific addons referencing the central core that provides abstract classes, synchronous updating mechanisms, as well as multi-threading. Consequently, the main usage scenario for domain-specific applications is to build an add-on "on top of" the framework while using the framework as the common infrastructure.

Development of the framework was started in spring 2016 by Long, Abel, and Tobias, with a first application in plate systems, and it has since been further developed alongside various research projects such as Holz R3, BUGA Wood, SFB 1244, and others.


Long Nguyen, Tobias Schwinn, Abel Gronewolt, Mathias Maierhofer, Lasath Siriwardena, David Stieler, Max Zorn


Groenewolt, A., Schwinn, T., Nguyen, L., Menges, A.: 2018, An interactive agent-based framework for materialization informed architectural design. Swarm Intelligence, 12(2) Special Issue on Self-Organised Construction, 155–186. (DOI: 10.1007/s11721-017-0151-8)


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