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Aggregate Architectures

Karola Dierichs

Project Images by Karola Dierichs

Aggregate Architectures

Development of an architectural material system consisting of granulates using analogue and digital computational models

Aggregates are defined as large amounts of elements being in loose contact. In architecture they are mainly known as an additive in concrete construction. However, relatively few architectural examples deliberately deploy aggregates in their unbound form as an architectural material system in their own right. The rare precedents range from vernacular architectures, building physics and geo-engineering to recent experimentation in form-finding with designed aggregates

The aim of this research project is to develop a practical, methodological and theoretical understanding of the architectural implications that aggregates in their unbound form can develop. Architectural systems commonly seek to form a clearly defined assembly of elements, where each part has a specific location and connections assigned that are defined and planned by the designing architect. An aggregate system however consists of a loose arrangement of elements, where each part finds its own place and it is the task of the designer to observe and interact with the systems behaviour. One of the most decisive distinctions lies in the way information on those granular architectural systems is being generated, processed and integrated into the design process. Several mathematical methods, such as the Discrete Element Method (DEM) have been developed to numerically model granular behaviour. However, the need and also the potential of using so-called material computation is specifically relevant with aggregates, as much of their behaviour is still not being described in these mathematical models and information can only be gathered through observation of a physical granular system. The potential and the relevance of aggregate architectures lie in their ability to continuously adjust to system-external and system-internal parameters and to establish functional gradation on a macro-level. Thus the investigation of potential architectural applications is both a relevant and unexplored branch of design research.

The project 'Aggregate Structure' has been recognized with the Holcim Acknowledgement Award Europe 2014: link to the Holcim Foundation.

ICD Institute for Computational Design and Construction - Prof. Achim Menges

Scientific Development

Karola Dierichs

Cooperation Partners

Institute for Multiscale Simulation, Center of Excellence, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg - Prof. Dr. Thorsten Pöschel

Jaeger LAB , University of Chicago – Prof. Dr. H.M. Jaeger

Behringer Group , Duke University – Prof. Dr. R.P. Behringer

ITASCA Consulting Group , Inc. – Dr. S. Emam, Dr. L. te Kamp, Dr. M Purvance, Dr. R. Taghavi

Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics – Prof. P. Eberhard, F. Fleissner, S. Stuehler

Institute of Engineering Geodesy – Prof. V. Schwieger, A. Scheider

Research Assistants

Christian Arias, Miguel Aflalo, Martin Alvarez, Bahar al Bahar, Elaine Bonavia, Giulio Brugnaro, Federico Forestiero, Pedro Giachini, Matthias Helmreich, Shir Katz, Ondrej Kyjanek, Martin Loucka, Alexandre Mballa-Ekobena, Christine Rosemann, Jasmin Sadegh, Emily Scoones, Alexander Wolkow, Leyla Yunis, Jacob Zindroski


Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction
ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc.

Selected Publications

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