UCL Workshop: Introduction to Agent-based Modeling

10.6.2021 - 19.6.2021 | ICD Workshop (Online)

ICD: M. Maierhofer, T. Schwinn, S. Leder, N. Kalousdian, M. Zorn, L. Orozco, D. Stieler

Introduction to Agent-based Modeling

In this five-day workshop, students from the B-Pro Research Cluster 2 at the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) were introduced to the principles of Agent-based Modeling (ABM) as well as ICD's ABM Framework. During the first two days, the participants attended lectures and live tutorials from ICD researchers, covering the conceptual, methodological and technical aspects of Agent-based Modeling. Students were then provided with the opportunity to develop their own agent systems to investigate aspects related to their studio project on autonomous architectural robots. This development was supported by a series of consultations over two days. The workshop concluded with final project presentations.

University College London

Valentina Soana (Bartlett B-Pro Research Cluster 2 | UCL MechEng - Soft Haptics and Robotics Lab)

Student Participants

Jiatong Ni, Xin Tong, Huan Zhang, Yelay Bayraktaroglu, Cephas Bhaskar, Shahram Minooee Sabery, Ling Dai, Tongyao Lin, Yiting Ma, Yichao Shi

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