Hans Jakob Wagner

Research Associate

2017 - current


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Research focus on the topics of advanced computational timber architecture and associated production processes within the research project “Timber Construction 4.0” and the “Cluster of Excellence – Research Network I.”

Alvarez, M., Wagner, H. J., Groenewolt, A., Krieg, O. D., Kyjanek, O., Aldinger, L., Bechert, S., Sonntag, D., Menges, A., Knippers, J.: 2019, The buga wood pavilion – Integrative interdisciplinary advancements of digital timber architecture. in ACADIA – Ubiquity and Autonomy [Proceedings of the ACADIA Conference 2019]. The University of Texas, Austin, pp. 490-499. (ISBN 978-0-578-59179-7)

Garufi, D., Wagner, H. J., Schwinn, T., Wood, D., Bechert, S., Menges, A., Knippers, J.: 2019, Fibrous Joints for Lightweight Segmented Timber Shells, in Leopold, C., Robeller, C., Weber, U. (Eds.), Research Culture in Architecture, Birkhäuser, Basel, pp 53-64. (ISBN 978-3-035620-23-8)  

Menges, A., Knippers, J., Wagner, H. J., Sonntag, D.: 2019, BUGA Holzpavillon – Freiformfläche aus robotisch gefertigten Nulltoleranz- Segmenten, in Proceedings of the 25. Internationales Holzbau-Forum IHF 2019, pp. 129-138. (ISBN 978-3-906226-29-3)

Garufi, D., Wagner, H.J., Bechert, S., Schwinn, T., Wood, D., Menges, A., Knippers, J.: 2018, Fibrous Timber Joints for Segmented Timber Shells, in Cornelie Leopold, Christopher Robeller and Ulrike Weber (eds.): RCA 2018. Research Culture in Architecture x International Conference on Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, Kaiserslautern. (ISBN 978-3-95974-094-4)

Menges, A., Schwinn, T., Wagner, H. J.: 2018, Bionische segmentierte Holzplattenschalen: integrative agentenbasierte Modellierung und robotische Fertigung, in 24. Internationales Holzbau-Forum IHF 2018, Biel, pp. 239-249. (ISBN 978-3-906226-23-1)

Hans Jakob Wagner is a Research Associate at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD). He received a BSc in Architecture from Vienna University of Technology and subsequently completed the ITECH Master Program at University of Stuttgart in 2017. During his studies he worked for architecture offices in Vienna and Paris, at Vienna University of Technology and the University of Stuttgart. 


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University of Stuttgart, Keplerstraße 11, 70174 Stuttgart

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